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Wares is a curated lifestyle shop supporting independent designers that produce quality goods. Created for lovers of the small batch, handmade and one of a kind, Wares allows small and independent designers the opportunity to take their brand stories and products directly to consumers who value small batch, handmade and thoughtfully produced products.

We carry clothing, textiles, jewelry, accessories, art and home goods-  a little something for everyone who wants to shop small and support emerging businesses.


independent designers & quality goods

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Based in the Hudson Valley town of Beacon, NY, Wares strives to feature a mix of both local and far flung talent. We carry designers that live and make goods locally, in neighboring towns, and in the greater New York state- we've got a many a talented maker from our former home in Brooklyn.

Wares also extends it's reach across the country to work with designers creating unique and one-of-a-kind goods on the West Coast. Some collaborate with artisans from around the globe, in Africa and South America to bring their  (ahem) wares to new audiences and ensure that they're properly compensated for their time and dedication to craft.

The common thread among our selected designers and products, is the thought and intention that goes into the making of each item. We search for goods that are ethically sourced, sustainably created or locally produced, putting special emphasis on the items that are small batch, limited edition or handmade.

Our goal is to provide a platform and source of income for independent designers, one-woman, man or non-binary persons running the show, and to those new in business, looking to carve out a spot for themselves within the retail landscape. We give kudos to those attempting to do so by creating wares that are socially and culturally impactful. They are the ones keeping retail and commerce fresh, new, exciting- and not entirely evil.

Shop small. Shop local. Shop quality goods from independent designers. It feels good. 

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