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Clothing, textiles, jewelry, accessories, art and home goods: a little something for everyone who wants to shop small and support emerging businesses.

Wares launched in 2018 in Beacon, NY. Created for lovers of the small batch, handmade and one-of-a-kind, Wares connects new and emerging independent designers with consumers who value thoughtfully produced products.

The common thread among our designers and their goods, is the thought and intention that goes into the making of each item. We search for items that are ethically sourced, sustainably created or locally produced, and are especially keen on pieces that are handmade.

Our goal is to provide a platform and source of income for independent designers, all the one-woman, man or non-binary persons running the show. We want to help out those who are new in business, and looking to carve out a spot for themselves in retail.

Big ups to those creating wares that are socially and culturally impactful. They’re the ones keeping the retail game fresh- and not entirely evil. It feels good to buy from them!


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