The Upstater

One of Beacon’s newest retail destinations, Wares brings together cutting-edge design in jewelry, clothing and home goods from sustainably minded, socially conscious makers under one roof.
— The Upstater

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely and funny Anne Pyburn Craig from Upstater. I told her a little about Wares’ business, concept, intentions and my (Andrea, hi, I own the shop and do a lot of other things :)) personal experiences, and how it led me to Beacon. Anne wrote a whole profile about the shop, and made me sound like I can put together coherent sentences, which was real nice.

I also got to gush about some of my favorite designers at the shop- what they make, their process and why it’s so cool (sustainable fabrics, hand-dying, generally rad designs). I really, really love all of the products that we sell, but these designers have been with the shop since the very beginning so their stories and goods take up space in special little spot in my brain, and were top of mind.

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