Orange and Indigo Ikat Tassel Jacket - Mira Blackman

Orange and Indigo Ikat Tassel Jacket - Mira Blackman


A one-of-a-kind handwoven kimono Ikat jacket with beautiful wabi sabi details. Ikat is a textile where the threads are tie dyed before they are woven. It's found in traditional textiles around the world. Japan, Guatemala, Indonesia & more. This one is from Cotê d'Ivoire and was woven by the Baoule people.

Want to know more about the brand?

Mira Blackman uses all natural, handmade and heritage textiles discovered on her travels around the globe, from West Africa to Japan, for her one of a kind items. Each piece is inspired by the textiles themselves and are often made without the use of patterns. Many textiles are handwoven in small strips that are then hand sewn together before being dyed- the whole process takes weeks, and maybe even longer when you consider that the weavers often grow their own cotton and indigo!

Vintage fabrics are enriched by imperfections such as distress patterns, small holes or stains.

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