Siri Siri Table Runner - Five I Six Textiles

Siri Siri Table Runner - Five I Six Textiles

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This handwoven table runner by Five I Six Textiles pulls a dining table together without being too formal. It's made from indigo and natural cotton ikat textiles, woven into small strips and then sewn together. The cotton is dyed, spun and woven by hand. Each one has it's own weave pattern with slight variations, they’re one-of-kind.

10" x 90" inches and 100% raw cotton, handwoven in Cote d'Ivoire. Hand wash in cold and hang dry. 

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An artisan-to-consumer brand, Five I Six Textiles was created by two NY designers in collaboration with Waraniene Collective in Cote d'Ivoire. They’re dedicated to building a sustainable business that facilitates a dialogue between the local artisans and the global community.