Eun Unity Cardigan - Hannayujin

Eun Unity Cardigan - Hannayujin


Chunky stitched cardigan with stripe detail and boxy cropped fit, made from 100% Organic Cotton  and hand knit on loom. This style was inspired by the “Jeogori” which is the essential top piece worn in the hanbok ensemble. Patch square to symbolize unity between the new and old. Ribbed trims. Handmade in Los Angeles.

Hand wash cold, dry flat or dry clean

Model is wearing a size S. Length 19"

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Hannayujin is a collection of pieces highlighting traditional feminine Korean silhouettes known as the 'hanbok'. Each piece of the hanbok is instrumental and serves a purpose in comfort and creating the complete ensemble.

 Hannayujin designs are handmade and thoughtfully crafted in smaller quantities to ensure quality from dyeing to cut/sew processes. They use fine and sustainable materials such as linen, silk, cupro and cotton for lasting wearability and comfort.